All NaNo’s Eve

I’m always awed by the enthusiasm of writers this time of year. Whether you’re a pantser or plotter or somewhere in between, right now – RIGHT NOW – you stand on the cusp of inspired creativity.

During the course of the next 30 days, you will be changed.

Some of us will have 50,000+ words written that didn’t exist before November. Some of us will fold for any number of reasons. I’ve been in both places come Dec. 1. It’s damn hard to write at that pace, and sometimes life gets in the way of that breakneck run.

All of us who participate in National Novel Writing Month will learn something about ourselves, our writing, our dedication to craft. We’ll breathe life into characters and watch them do unexplained things. We’ll drill down to the essence of a Story That Works. We’ll write with passion, perseverance, determination and even despair.

The best thing I can share is to follow the Five Commandments of Story Grid. Every story, every act, every scene must have these elements:

  1. Inciting Incident
  2. Progressive Complications
  3. Crisis Question
  4. Climax
  5. Resolution

Stick with this deceptively simple structure and you’re not likely to get lost in the weeds. You’ve got this.

Good luck, writers!

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